Macadam is a non-competitive event organized by the homonymous association. The departure will take place on April 30th from Menfi starting at 8:00 (free departure in the French style)

All participants will be able to register on the day of the event and will be able to choose to participate in three different routes: short (55km), medium (75km) and long (110km).
The maximum limit to complete all courses is 10 hours.

All the routes take place on roads with mixed terrain: gravel, asphalt, dirt. The routes will be reported only in part and each participant will receive a gpx track to follow.

The expected refreshments will be :

Short Route n 2
Medium route n 3
Long route n 4

You can participate with gravel, mtb and electric bikes.

Registration only with medical certificate

Registration for the event requires the payment of a fee of €15.. to be paid on the day of the event, and entitles you to:

– Front panel to be applied to the bike
– Route tracks in .gpx format
– Refreshments in the locations indicated above

Cancellation due to adverse weather conditions

The event is a cycle excursion on paths, dirt roads and secondary asphalted roads; the routes will be open to traffic and therefore it is mandatory for all participants to respect the Highway Code. Participation can take place with any type of bicycle, even with pedal assistance (e-Bike), as long as it complies with the Highway Code. Given the presence of long unpaved stretches, even uneven, we strongly advise against the use of racing bikes and in any case covers with sections of less than 25 mm that are not studded.

The participant acknowledges:
– to be aware that the route is only partially signposted
– who travels at their own risk and is considered to be in free personal excursion without any more rights than other users of the paths and roads
– who undertakes to communicate their withdrawal to the organizer by calling or sending an SMS to the telephone number indicated
– the Organizer is not a professional organizing body e
acts only for recreational and non-financial purposes (1174 of the Civil Code); it therefore follows that
the Organizer is relieved of any responsibility connected to the performance of the
Event, and in particular by:
– claims occurring to participants or caused by participants
– loss of the route by the participants
– injury of various kinds to the participants
– any damage to the participants’ bikes
– thefts occurred to the participants

The participant is obliged to carry the following minimum safety equipment with him for the entire duration of the event:
– GPS device and/or smartphone with GPS functionality with enough power reserve to complete the route
– approved helmet to be worn at all times
– white front and red rear lights
– kit for repairing breakdowns (multitool) and for punctures (inner tube and/or patches, levers, pump and/or inflating bottles)
– suitable clothing
The Organization reserves the right to carry out spot checks before departure in relation to the minimum safety equipment.